Samantha Harris
Full Name Samantha Harris Shapiro
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 27, 1973
Hair Color Brown
Family two children
Relationships Michael Hess (husband)
Job Co-host (2-9)
First Season Season 2
Last Season Season 9
Duration 2006-09

Samantha Harris (born Samantha Harris Shapiro, November 27, 1973) is an American television hostess. Most notably, she was the co-host of seasons two through nine of Dancing with the Stars with Tom Bergeron. From 2010–12, she was a correspondent at Entertainment Tonight.

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Dancing with the StarsEdit

Her best known hosting job was for Dancing with the Stars along with Tom Bergeron. She took over in 2006 for Lisa Canning.

Harris announced on January 28, 2010 that she would leave Dancing with the Stars to focus on other projects like her correspondent duties at The Insider and Entertainment Tonight.

Season 7 champion Brooke Burke replaced Harris as co-host in the spring 2010 season. Burke was replaced in 2014 by Erin Andrews.